File:Numb12 200.jpg
File:"Numb" - Linkin Park

Numb follows the domestic and social problems faced during a day in the life of a young (portrayed by Briana Evigan), unpopular female student. The girl apparently spends much of her time drawing pictures, revealing that she probably has dreams of becoming an artist. She is largely ignored and ridiculed at school, considering that when she is told off by the teacher for drawing in class everybody laughs at her, when she trips on the stairs nobody stops to help her up, and that when she tries to join a group of girls at a lunch table they immediately get up and leave. Also, there is a scene where her mother is ridiculing her for not being the daughter she wanted. At the end of the video, the girl runs into the church that the band was singing in, almost as if she heard them.

The indoor scenes of the video are set in a church in Los Angeles, while the outdoor scenes are set in Prague, the Czech Republic. The school interiors, the classroom, the corridor and the outside playground are set in the Johannes Kepler's Gymnasium in Prague.

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