Artist: Say Hi to Your Mom

Date Released: 2003

Label: Euphobia/Kinky Star/Ryko

Produced By:


  1. Pop Music of the Future
  2. A Hit in Sweden
  3. Super
  4. Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks
  5. Let's Talk About Spaceships
  6. A Kiss to Make It Better
  7. But She Beat My High Score
  8. Your Brain vs. My Tractorbeam
  9. I'm So Tired
  10. The Key of C


Somebody tell Eric Elbogen we get it. And we want more. This electro-pop groover from the California expat-turned-Brooklyn hipster is a dashing collection of offbeat songs and thinly-veiled indie in-jokes. And even if you don't get them (Who listens to The Fall anymore, anyway?), or don't want to get them (Actually, emo went downhill after Mineral's End Serenading; what kind of self-respecting individual doesn't know that?), there's still plenty here for everyone to appreciate... Even a fitting rendition of The Beatles' I'm So Tired.

In a bizarre side-effect, it may even inspire you to say hi to your mom more. Now really, how can you go wrong with that? - Patrick Masterson

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