Nyles Lannon is a musician from San Francisco, California. Lannon makes music under the names Nyles Lannon, n.Lannon and N.LN.

Musical careerEdit

Pressure, Lannon's second solo album, was released in 2007 on Badman Recording Company. His music is a hybrid of homegrown acoustic folk, space rock and electronic aesthetics. Although he is often thrown in with the singer/songwriter camp, his music jumps around from subdued electronic pop to delicate finger picked acoustics to glitchy beats and lush, soulful rock.

In 2004, Lannon released the album Chemical Friends, earning 'Best Album of the Year' from the San Francisco Bay Guardian, 'Best Folktronica Artist' from SF Weekly, and raving reviews. He also started working as a session musician, writing for various commercial, film and TV productions.

Lannon played guitar and produced with the band Film School from 2001–2006. They released an album on Beggars Banquet Records.

He also has an electronic project under the name N.LN and released Astronomy for Children on UK label Highpoint Lowlife in 2004. This album was also well received, earning 'Best Album of the Year' from Grooves Magazine and 'Album of the Week' from the BBC. Unlike his other music, N.LN is mostly instrumental, abstract electronica.


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