File:Objection12 200.jpg
File:Objection (Tango) - Shakira

Objection (Tango) opens with Shakira and her ex-lover doing a tango. When the tango stops, he leaves, the music picks up, and Shakira begins dancing. Shakira goes to a club where she finds her ex-lover and his new girlfriend, played by porn star Tabitha Taylor. An animated sequence begins in which Shakira pokes holes in the new girlfriend's breast implants and knocks her ex-boyfriend through a window into another room. The animated sequence ends and Shakira confronts the lovers but is pushed down onto a glass table. Two superhero parodies of Batman and Superman come to her side and, with their help, she knocks out both lovers. Shakira is then seen from a Tarantino style trunk shot, smiling sadistically at the two lovers who are now bound and gagged in the trunk of her car. The video then switches to Shakira performing in a mechanical room and reveals that she tied both of them to a spinning wheel. The wheels accelerate until they come loose and fly away.

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