Creator of the Mix: Rev. Syung Myung Me

Initial Notes About The Mix: Snakefinger is probably most known for his work with The Residents, but he had a lot of really awesome solo records, too. My favorite of those is Manual Of Errors, but, really, they're all pretty good. Unfortunately, they're also really hard to find, except for the first two, and even those have recently gone out of print as well. So, that sucks. But if you see any of the albums, definitely pick them up -- they're well worth it. I'm not much for guitar solos and guitar heroes, but there's a couple that come to mind for me -- Frank Zappa and Snakefinger. So here's one of them.


  1. Yeti, What Are You? - Manual Of Errors
  2. Gasoline - Philip Charles Lithman aka Snakefinger
  3. Magic and Ecstasy - Chewing Hides The Sound
  4. Move - Night Of Desirable Objects
  5. Beatnik Party - Manual Of Errors
  6. There's No Justice In Life - Night Of Desirable Objects
  7. Picnic in the Jungle - Chewing Hides The Sound
  8. This Is Not A Disco Song - Philip Charles Lithman aka Snakefinger
  9. Eva's Warning - Manual Of Errors
  10. The Vivian Girls - Chewing Hides The Sound
  11. Trashing All The Loves Of History - Greener Postures
  12. 8 1/4 - Night Of Desirable Objects
  13. Save Me From Dali - Greener Postures
  14. The Spot - A Collection
  15. Kill the Great Raven - Chewing Hides The Sound
  16. You Sliced Up My Wife - Manual Of Errors
  17. It Hurts Me, Too - Philip Charles Lithman aka Snakefinger
  18. The Model - Live At The Vic
  19. MaryAnn - Philip Charles Lithman aka Snakefinger
  20. Jesus was a Leprechaun - Chewing Hides The Sound
  21. Shining Faces - Manual Of Errors
  22. I Gave Myself To You - Night Of Desirable Objects

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