Artist: The Minus 5

Date Released: 1995

Label: East Side Digital / Hollywood

Produced By: Scott McCaughey


  1. Winter Goes Away
  2. Worse
  3. All The Time
  4. Find A Finger
  5. Emperor Of The Bathroom
  6. Vulture
  7. Algerian Hook
  8. Story
  9. How Many Bones
  10. Basing Street
  11. No More Glory
  12. When It Comes My Way
  13. House Of The Doors (Theme)
  14. Brotherhood Of Pain
  15. Heartache For Sale
  16. Drunkard's Lullaby
  17. House Of Four Doors (End Theme)

(13-17 Bonus Tracks on Hollywood version)


This is the one Minus 5 album I don't have (been waiting for the Hollywood version, which has the bonus tracks—taken mainly from the Emperor Of The Bathroom EP and the Hello EP. So, basically, this is a placeholder page until either I get this album and write a review, or someone else writes a review. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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