PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THIS IS A TEMPLATE SO FAR. Omni Trio (this page to be edited later this week, I know it sloppy template atm) Artist history

Featured in many Rockstar games such as Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories and Midnight Club 3. This is manly because Omni Trio is a British music producer (as Rockstar is an British Institution) and is being supported by R*. Omni Trio started out in the late 80's by (insert name later after more research) who made well composed midi tracks. He started makeing music that was comercialy played in 1993 to around 2004. The biggest hit so far has been Renegade Snares (later remixed by Aqausky of Moving Shadow Records)

Music Genre: Ambient Drum & Bass Omniu Trio is part of the Moving Shadow muscis Label (whos artist are all British such as EZ rollers, DJ Timecode, Aquasky ect...)

Albams. Even Shadows Cast Shadows. ect


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