On the Beach is the fifth studio album by the Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young. It became in 1974 by Reprise Records released for the first time. It was only on 19 August 2003 issued on cd , as part of the Neil Young ArchivesOn the Beach and tonight's the Night , together with the live album Time Fades Away the so-called "Ditch Trilogy", a trio of albums that Young wrote in a rather bleak period of his life. [1]


 [hide]*1 Background


Although was later included On the Beach than the album tonight's the Night, it was published a year earlier. After the success of the cheerful country rock album from 1972 Harvest , the record label Reprise Records initially refused to "gloomy and rugged" album tonight's the Night to spend. [2In the meantime, Young took On the Beach on. In a review by Rolling Stone magazine, the album was described at the time as "one of the most desperate albums of the Decade"[3William Hafizur Rahman noticed Later in a review for Allmusic on that from the music not so much despair turns out, but that Young here right "farewell to overwhelm by took and not left". [4]


On The Beach
Nr. Title Duration
1. Walk On   2: 42
2. See the Sky About to Rain   5: 02
3. Revolution Blues   4: 03
4. For the Turnstiles   3: 15
5. Vampire Blues   4: 14
6. On the Beach   6: 59
7. Motion Pictures   4: 23
8. Ambulance Blues   8: 56
39: 40


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