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Artist: Yoko Ono

Date Released: 1992

Label: Rykodisc

Produced By: Yoko Ono


  1. No Bed For Beatle John
  2. Mind Holes
  3. O'Wind (Body Is The Scar Of Your Mind)
  4. Why
  5. Why Not
  6. Greenfield Morning I Pushed An Empty Baby Carriage All Over The City
  7. Touch Me
  8. Paper Shoes
  9. Mind Train
  10. Open Your Box
  11. Toilet Piece / Unknown
  12. Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking For Her Hand In The Snow)
  13. Telephone Piece
  14. Midsummer New York
  15. The Path
  16. Don't Count The Waves
  17. Head Play (Medley of: You / Airmale / Fly)
  18. Is Winter Here To Stay?
  19. Yang Yang
  20. Death Of Samantha
  21. What Did I Do!
  22. Approximately Infinite Universe
  23. What A Bastard The World Is
  24. Catman (The Rosies Are Coming)
  25. I Want My Love To Rest Tonight
  26. Shiranakatta (I Didn't Know)
  27. Peter The Dealer
  28. I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear Glass Window
  29. Winter Song
  30. Kite Song
  31. Now Or Never
  32. What A Mess
  33. I Have A Woman Inside My Soul
  34. Move On Fast
  35. Looking Over From My Hotel Window
  36. Waiting For The Sunrise
  37. Growing Pain
  38. Yellow Girl (Stand By For Life)
  39. Coffin Car
  40. Warrior Woman
  41. Woman Of Salem
  42. "Run, Run, Run"
  43. If Only
  44. A Thousand Times Yes
  45. Straight Talk
  46. Angry Young Woman
  47. Potbelly Rocker
  48. She Hits Back
  49. "Men, Men, Men"
  50. Woman Power
  51. It's Been Very Hard
  52. "Mildred, Mildred"
  53. Left Turn's The Right Turn
  54. Walking On Thin Ice
  55. "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss"
  56. Give Me Something
  57. I'm Moving On
  58. "Yes, I'm Your Angel"
  59. Beautiful Boys
  60. Open Your Soul To Me
  61. Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him
  62. Hard Times Are Over
  63. Don't Be Scared
  64. Sleepless Night
  65. O'Sanity
  66. Your Hands
  67. Let Me Count The Ways
  68. "Forgive Me, My Love"
  69. You're The One
  70. There's No Goodbye
  71. Have You Seen A Horizon Lately
  72. I Don't Know Why
  73. Mindweaver
  74. Even When You're Far Away
  75. Nobody Sees Me Like You Do
  76. Silver Horse
  77. "No, No, No"
  78. Toyboat
  79. She Gets Down On Her Knees
  80. Extension 33
  81. Never Say Goodbye
  82. Spec Of Dust
  83. My Man
  84. It's Alright
  85. Let The Tears Dry
  86. Dream Love
  87. Hell In Paradise
  88. "I Love You, Earth"
  89. In Cape Clear
  90. Goodbye Sadness
  91. A Story
  92. Loneliness
  93. Will You Touch Me
  94. Dogtown
  95. It Happened
  96. Tomorrow May Never Come
  97. Winter Friend
  98. Heartburn Stew
  99. "Yes, I'm A Witch"
  100. Yume O Moto
  101. O'Oh
  102. Namyohorengekyo
  103. We're All Water
  104. Joseijoi Banzai
  105. Sisters O Sisters

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