Orhan Gencebay, (SamsunAugust 4, 1944) is a Turkish singer, songwriter, poet, musician, Director and producer. He is one of the greatest musicians in Turkey. His former surname was, but in 1968 he Kencebay has changed in Gabriel.

His life[Edit]Edit

He began to music on his sixth life violin lessons year round to follow the Western classical music teacher Emin Tarakçı. At the age of seven he began to play for thebağlama lessons. At the age of ten, he has his first song, "Kara severdi kaşlı esmerdi kim Bagley kimi", written.

At the age of thirteen, he studied Turkish music (Turk sanat muziĝi) and he learned playing the tambura . At the age of 14 he had his first professional song called "Ruhumda titreyen Sajid bir alevsin" (translation: you are an infinite flame which in my mind is to vibrate.)

From the age of 16 he began an interest for jazz and rock. He started to play saxophone in Western tinted orchestras. On his twentieth he has participated in the entrance examinations for the TRT-radio in Ankaraand in Istanbul.

In 1966 he has participated in the national saz-contest.

Together with Arif Sağ has he for Muzaffer AkgunYıldız TezcanAhmet SezginAlfred Chamberlain Akkiraz Dnl Ay, and Nuri Sadi saz played. Meanwhile he also directed various Turkish movies.

In 1968 , he made his first recording, and in 1972 he has his record company established Kervan Paste . It was the first known record company in Turkey.

Orhan Gencebay has so far played in 36 movies. He has more than 1000 songs sung about 400 of which he himself has written. The music he makes is according to most people, but according to ArabesqueOrhan Gencebay is not.

Private Life[Edit]Edit

The soloist Andy Gabriel after he divorced, he married Sadiq Emre. His son Altan Gabriel is now the Director of his record company Kervan Plak.

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