Osvaldo Pedro Pugliese (december 2, 1905 - July 25, 1995) was an Argentine tango musician, composer and Orchestra leader. His most famous work is the distance with bright, immersive Recuerdo.

In Argentina he is apart from its composites also famous for its political non-comformisme at the time of the military junta.

Tango in the concert halls[Edit]Edit

Pugliese developed packages, which the melancholy rhythms of the salon tango retained. He wrote his tango more and more in concert style and his compositions became gradually more and more in concert halls, such as in the famous teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. Some works were then often used for theatrical dance. Osvaldo Pugliese can be seen as a pioneer for the urge to innovate of the younger Ástor Piazzolla. By his tango to bring in the concert halls, the gap between the conservative audience of the Argentines and Piazzolla's nuevo tango significantly narrower.

Dancing to Pugliese[Edit]Edit

In Buenos Aires, Pugliese often performed later in the evening, when the dancers want to dance more slowly and more intimate. Pugliese is very suitable for slower tango dance, all require a lot of experience and skill are rhythms.

Politics and censorship[Edit]Edit

There Pugliese his criticism of the military junta were not put out, his performances often censored. His Orchestra played at the concert than without him, but left a red Carnation on the blank keyboard of the wingare (Pugliese played pianoas a conductor always). One referred to the Red Carnation in his buttonhole that Pugliese often wore. His popularity rose and the junta has made him Unlike so many ordinary Argentines, never really dare tackle. In one case it seems people have even demonstrated, once again, was briefly arrested after Pugliese with slogans like "let the tango free!"

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