Artist: Hood

Date Released: January 17, 2005

Label: Domino

Produced By:


  1. (Int)
  2. The Negatives...
  3. Any Hopeful Thoughts Arrive
  4. End of One Train Working
  5. Winter 72
  6. The Lost You
  7. Still Rain Fell
  8. 1. Fading Hills
  9. Closure
  10. This is It Forever


Obviously I’m really into finding new bands with new sounds that just tear down the walls of my musical knowledge, but it really pisses me off when I find a band like one I just mentioned that has been making such music for a decade. Who the hell was going to tell me? Anyways, the Leeds collective simply known as Hood has released a fantastic album full of lush instrumentation and complex song structures. Electronic sounds are intertwined with the guitars, drums, strings, horns, woodwinds and other percussive sounds all while subtle vocals harmonize and soar over the already ample composition. The songs honestly do not even need the vocals at all, but they do add an extra dynamic for repeated listens. Another amazing aspect of the album is how each track is distinctly different and though the songs usually clear the 5 minute mark, they rarely seem to drag on. Not to mention how the band seems to stuff tons of sounds into one moment; it’s ridiculous that it all flows so well without overcrowding your ears. Outside Closer is a result of ten years of hard work and musical progression, and a welcomed installation into their already proven discography; which is one that I'll have the pleasure of exploring now that I know it is out there. Mpardaiolo