Artist: Negativland

Date Released: 1990

Label: Seeland / SST

Produced By: Negativland



  1. Introduction
  2. Ron Baile's School Of Broadcast, The Mating Line, More On Music, Etc.
  3. James Gabbert's Delight, Pat Boone's Cow, Evening Magazine, Etc.
  4. Roy Storey's Sports Line 1
  5. More More On Music, Suicide Man, Idle Threats, Etc.
  6. Celebrity Wives Quiz, More Idle Threats, People Are Talking, Etc.
  7. Roy Storey's Sports Line 2
  8. Earwitness News And Back To More Music, Etc.
  9. TV Trivia, Dick Or Dukes Of Hazzard, More More On Music, Suicide Man Again, Etc.
  10. Ringo Is Dead
  11. An Apology To Roy (Roy Storey's Sports Line 3)
  12. Introduction, Witness For The Documentation, Disclaimers And Floaters, Etc.
  13. More Music, How To Use Your Cubulax, Ford For President, Etc.


  1. Off-Air Comments 1, Household Vocable, Wrong Cues Begin, Is He Stoned?, Etc.
  2. News Headlines, More Wrong Cues, Top 10 Countdown, Etc.
  3. Off-Air Survey: You Must Be Hearing These Recordings!
  4. Countdown Continues, Still More Wrong Cues, Moribund Music Of The 80's, Etc.
  5. Off-Air Comments 2, Suicide Man: It Doesn't Seem To Be Flowing Very Well, Ruining The Concept, Six Months Of My Life, Etc.
  6. More Off-Air Surveys: Rainbow Gets Jammed, Suicide Man's Universal Theory
  7. Oslo Norway And Psychic Freeze
  8. Crosley Bendix And The Damage Done
  9. Dick Vaughn, Popular TV-Mentalist
  10. Dick Is Dead
  11. A Tape For All Deaths
  12. The Hell-Bound Plane

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