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Over The Edge Vol. 7: Time Zones Exchange Project:Negativland

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Artist: Negativland

Date Released: 1994

Label: Seeland

Produced By: Negativland


  1. Executive Window, Memo To Friday, Memo From The Future, Dickie Diamond And The Media Shifter
  2. The Piddle Diddle Report: Sandamanians, Transinfiltration, Nothing Is Too Wonderful To Be True
  3. The Piddle Diddle Report: Human Values, Where Is Friday?, A Call From Howland Island And The President
  4. The Piddle Diddle Report: Strike It Rich, This Fabled Island, Cary Grant Tapes A Ghost
  5. The Piddle Diddle Report: After The Rain, Let's Take A Few Calls, Photos Of Mrs. Gorbachev, Computercoup, Atom Spy:
  6. The Piddle Diddle Report: Sergio Caracus, Frankenstein Meets Cyclops, What Was On The Island?, Who Was On The Island?, Agoraphobia
  7. The Piddle Diddle Report: A Future Confronting The Past Which Is Our Future, Last Call From Howland Island, Eaten By A Black Hole, Returned To Your Rightful Channel


  1. A Unique Cultural Simulcast, Cubulax Guidelines, Dickie Diamond Grabs The Gusto, Russian National Anthem, Take Me Out To The Ball Game
  2. Americo-Soviet Free Market Osmosis, Mertz, Intercontinental Phone Mess
  3. Russian-Factoids, Natural Woman, Toilet Paper
  4. Ads And Smiles, Hey You-Buy This!, Innovation, Shilling For Attention
  5. Mertz, A Force Of Nature, Hard And Soft Thinking, The Good Life, Cars
  6. One Bar Of Soap, Rubles, Mertz, It's As If We Never Left Home, Negativ Thoughts, Nuts-Oh Nuts!, You Will Be Rearranged
  7. Passage To The 4th Dimension, Memo To Howland, Calling Radio Moscow
  8. A Presidential Campaign Shortwave Broadcast By C. Eliot Friday
  9. The Piddle Diddle Report: What's To Come, The Quantum Edge, Fiber Optics, Experimental Sharpness
  10. A Place In Time To Put Time In It's Place, Do You Have A Job?, Das Vedanya, Mertz, Credits, So What Was I Looking For?

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