Pau Casals i Defilló (El Vendrell , 29 december 1876 – San Juan (Puerto Rico)October 22, 1973), who joined his international performances Pablo Casals called it, was aCatalan cellist and later conductor and composer.

He is considered the best cellist of his time. In the course of his life he made many recordings. Between 1933 and 1936 made ones are the recordings of Bach's cello suites the best known. Casals also got solo concerts dedicated to itself, such as the 2nd cello concerto (1909) of the Dutch composer and pianist Julius Röntgen, with whom he formed aduo for years. Also, he was a member of the renowned piano trio Thibaud - Cortot -Casals.

Many famous cellists followed a Masterclass at Casals, among whom the British Jacqueline du Pré in 1960.

He has his memoirs published in 1970 under the title Joys and Sorrows: Pablo Casals, His Own Story (1970).

Posthumous awards[Edit]Edit

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