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Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Circleville, OH

Website Link(s): Pagan Sun Home Page




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Pagan Sun is an indie rock band from Circleville, Ohio. With influences like Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Opeth, and Pink Floyd, their style is very unique and interesting. These influences result in them playing songs in the genres of hard rock, grunge, metal, prog rock and many more.

Pagan Sun began as the Led Zeppelin cover band "Ramble" formed in November 2004. Ramble debuted at the Circleville High School talent show in May 2005 with vocalist Jenkins, lead guitarist Steinhauser, rhythm guitarist Josh Bullock, bassist Imler, and Nick Payne on drums. But after releasing guitarist Josh Bullock and vocalist Matt Jenkins, Ramble opperated over summer 2005 with Ryan Leach at vocals under the name "Icarus". After recording three song demo in September 2005, Payne left for college. After a long band deliberation, it was decided that Ryan Leach would take over on drums. A small meeting between Jenkins and Steinhauser resulted in the two reuniting. The new band would operate under the name "Pagan Sun". The name Pagan Sun was actually taken from Jenkins' interest in vikings and medieval history. After failed attempts at having a rhythm guitarist, the band decided to stay with Steinhauser alone on lead guitar, leaving the final lineup just Jenkins, Steinhauser, Imler, and Leach. They are currently working on recording their debut album.





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