File:Paradisecity3 200.jpg
File:"Paradise City" - Guns N' Roses

Paradise City was partly filmed at Giants Stadium in New Jersey while Guns N' Roses were on tour with Aerosmith and midway through the video, they are seen boarding the Concorde jet so they could make an appearance in England, and return as quickly as possible back to the USA to continue touring with one of their major influences. The concert in England is the Monsters of Rock event at Donington Park. The reason for this is because of some deaths that took place while Guns N' Roses were performing. As a result, they thought the footage taken at the concert would be good music video footage and a proper show of respect to those who died at the concert. Duff can also be seen wearing an Aerosmith t-shirt in the video.

In about four minutes into the video, Axl Rose is seen sporting a World War II Nazi officer cap and a stage pass which appears to bear the SS eagle. Axl opens the pass, shows off the SS eagle, closes it again and gives a meaningful look to the camera.

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