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Paralyzer Records
Founded September 29, 2011
Founder(s) Rhain Radford-Burns
Genre(s) Hip hop, Rap
Country of origin Australia
Location Queensland, Australia

Paralyzer Records is an Australian record label specialising in hip-hop and pop music. Lil' Rhain founded the label on September 29, 2011 when he realised that he and his friend needed to begin their separate music careers.

The label has currently signed four acts since it was founded, rapper Lil' Rhain, singers Hayley and CJ Jazz, guitarist The Bad Boy and rap duo Truth and Dare.

Act Year Signed Albums Under Paralyzer
Lil' Rhain 2011 The Dune Wolfie EP
Hayley -
CJ Jazz -
The Bad Boy -
Truth and Dare (Lil' Rhain and CJ Jazz) -

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