Parliament was an American funk band from the 1970s, which together with the twins, the funkband Funkadelic and in particular the p-funk will shaping. The band was led by George Clinton and consisted of a large group of musicians.


Originally The Parliaments, Parliament was a doo wopgroup, formed in the barber shop of George Clinton in PlainfieldNew Jersey. In 1969 the name was specified, related to legal issues with Revilot, the record label of the Parliaments while on tour, and together with the backing band of The Parliaments while on tour, The group that would become Funkadelic, founded the band Funkadelic .

In 1970 were the legal problems about The name "The Parliaments" resolved and Clinton provided that all members under the name Funkadelic Parliament were contracted by Invictus Records. They released the album Osmium , but the name Parliament was already a time left and in the meantime was Funkadelic far more successful.

In the early 1970s came Bernie WorrellBootsy Collins and Catfish Collins at Funkadelic, which had released five albums until 1974 . With moderate success, Funkadelic as Parliament at Casablanca Records and they released the album Up for the Down Stroke , from which the title track was the biggest hit of Parliament/Funkadelic (us: # 63). A year later the album chocolate City , of which the title track was also a hit.

Parliament had a more experimental sound than Funkadelic, with many concept albums such as the Mothership Connectionreleased in 1976 . With this and the following albums Parliament was one of the most respected bands of the 1970s. Important persons in that period were Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley, and previously also Junie Morrison. Watched the science fictionthemes of characters like Starchild and Sir Nose, and the "The Mothership" or "The Holy Mothership", perhaps the best-known theme of Parliament. All these characters and themes were part of a real p-funk mythology. Also live they brought this forward. The stage was usually filled to the rafters with the most diverse and colorful characters, which the concept of "jamming" to the extreme as well. There was also a real spaceship during some live concerts (The Mothership) in stock, with which George Clinton the stage to mind.

When the 1980s appeared, there were legal problems by the multiple band names that were used. The result was in 1981 that Parliament and Funkadelic fell apart. George Clinton then went further with editing of multiple solo albums, which often also under the name George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars are released.

In 1997 , together with Parliament Funkadelic was buried in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



Year Name
1970 Osmium1
1974 Up For The Down Stroke
1975 Chocolate City
1975 Mothership Connection
1976 The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein
1977 Get Down & Boogie2
1977 Live: P-Funk Earth Tour
1977 Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome
1978 Motor Booty Affair
1979 Gloryhallastoopid
1980 Trombipulation

All albums were released by Casablanca Records, except where noted:

1 released by Invictus Records.
2 released by Casablanca Records as compilation album with Giorgio Moroder disco on one side mainly with productions, the other side is funkyer, with two Parliament-numbers, Up for the downstroke and Give up the funk (Tear the roof off the sucker). Special thing about this album is that it is one of the first LPs is mixed.

On this list are no compilation albums included.

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