Artist: Jandek

Album: Glasgow Monday

Appears On (Mixes): You're Giving Me Brain Damage!

Song Notes: Good chance you know about the Jandek story, and good chance you also probably know about how he's recently started playing live for the very first time ever. This is from one of the first concerts (I wanna say the second one ever?), and it's part of a song-suite that goes over the entire concert/album called "The Cell", which seems to be about cancer. It's actually very pretty—that's Jandek on piano and vocals, and I believe on this one, he's backed by Six Organs Of Admittance, but there's not a whole lot of backin' on this one anyway. It's very sad like a lot of his work, too—the sparseness of the track really benefits and gives a great, sad atmosphere to it. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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