Artist: The Residents

Album: The 12 Days of Brumalia

Appears On (Mixes): Most Folks Call Them Green Onions, But They're Really Scallions

Song Notes: I suppose this one isn't a Christmas Song per se, as it was released as part of the Residents' Brumalia festival last year (an ancient pagan holiday that ended up getting rolled into a lot of Christmas traditions, including the whole "12 Days Of Christmas" business). Every day for 12 days, the Residents posted a new song, each based (to some extent, some more loosely than others) on a verse of "The 12 Days Of Christmas". This is (obviously) the first one, and it's a bit of a collage of Christmas stuff, past and future Residents stuff, and for this particular one, a bit of stuff that may or may not be suggested by the title. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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