Artist: Radio 4

Date Released:

Label: Astralwerks

Produced By:


  1. Party Crashers (Album Version)
  2. Party Crashers (Concise Version)
  3. Party Crashers (Ashley Beedle Remix)
  4. Party Crashers (Headman Vocal Remix)
  5. Party Crashers (Headman Instrumental Remix)
  6. Rise Up

Review: Rating: 6.2 of 10

Radio 4 has returned with the first single from their upcoming album, “Stealing Of A Nation,” out 9/7/04. These politically aware disco-punks use the dance floor to spread their cause (whatever exactly that might be). Backed by groovy basslines, quick, catchy almost-techno beats and confrontational lyrics, Radio 4 has quickly jumped to the front of the dance-punk movement. This single gives you a couple of options. You can play the album version of the single (#1 @ 4:58), or if you do not have enough time, throw on the concise version (#2 @ 3:30). What was that… you have a lot of time to fill? Well throw on the extended Ashley Beedle re-mix (#3 @ 8:31). Now you have played out the single too much? Then throw on one of Headman’s trippy re-mixes, one with all the vocals (#4 @ 5:56) or one with sparse vocals (#5 @ 5:56). What!? You are already sick of this single? Well they threw in another track from the new album just in case, Rise Up (#6 @ 3:28). Whatever you need, Radio 4’s got you covered.

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