Founded: late 1950s

Headquarters: New York, NY

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Patience & Prudence were two sisters who had a few hits in the late 1950s; their father was Mark McIntyre, a record producer and songwriter, who wrote for, among others, Nat "King" Cole, and was working at Liberty records at the time. Hearing his daughters Patience and Prudence (then 13 and 10, respectively) sing this song at camp, he was impressed, and when he was in the studio later, cutting a demo for someone else, he had them sing this song as a gift for their grandparents. Two copies of the tape was made, one for the gift, and the other was given to their father's work partner Ross Bagdasarian (perhaps known better as David Seville) -- his wife liked it, and suggested they play it for Si Waronker, the head of Liberty -- he liked it, so they cut the songs for the single, which was a smash hit -- it saved Liberty from bankruptcy and was the label's first top 10. Their follow-up singles didn't do as well, though, and there was never an LP recorded (though they recorded about 11 singles, a-and-b-sides). In the early-1960s, they recorded some singles with Mike Clifford for Chattahoochie (including a few re-records of their older songs), though they still didn't have any hits and they left the music industry, though they look back on it fondly.





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