The Paul Butterfield Blues Band was a blues band from Chicago, founded by Paul Butterfield. The latter began in Chicago-area when he was still a teenager . Soon he formed a band with Jerome Arnold and Sam Lay (both of Howlin' Wolf's band), and Elvin Bishop. The band signed to Elektra Records after Michael Bloomfield as lead guitarist was attracted.

Their original debut album was deleted and was again recorded with organist Mark Naftalin finally released their debut album under the same name as that of the band, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, in 1965. This had a direct impact as a wake-up call for a whole generation of musicians (among other Robben Ford).

Soon after the second album was Lay sick and Billy Davenport replaced him on drums. The second album by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, East-West (1966), reflected the music scenes ' interest in sitar player Ravi Shankar and other Eastern musicians.

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