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Paul Jones (born Paul Pond , February 24, 1942, Portsmouth in England ) is an English singer-songwriter , actor , harmonica player , and radio and television presenter.


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Career edit ]Edit

If "PP Pond" he played duets with 'Elmo Lewis' aka Brian Jones (later a founding member of the Rolling Stones ) in 'Ealing Club, home of Alexis Korner 's Blues Incorporated, which singers had employed such as Long John Baldry and Mick Jagger . He was by Keith Richards and Brian Jones asked to be the lead singer of pop band by focusing on them, but turned the offer down. He became well-known lead singer of the group Manfred Mann with whom he scored several top 1 hits before Jones went solo in July 1966. This was significantly less and Jones began a career as a film actor which yielded a few movies as the movie Privilege (1967), which later became a cult film. Jones also appeared regularly in TV shows and TV series. For years he was a presenter on BBC Radio 2 program on blues .

Jones was first married to writer Sheila MacLeod and is now married to former actress and now Christian speaker Fiona Hendley-Jones . Jones converted themselves toChristianity in the mid-1980s as a result of an invitation by Cliff Richard to go to a show of evangelization Luis Palau to come. Today Jones presenter (often with Fiona Hendley-Jones) of evangelical tinted talk shows that are broadcast in the Netherlands by example by several Christian channels Family7 .

Solo discography edit ]Edit

Albums edit ]Edit

  • My Way (1966)
  • Privilege Sings & Others (1967)
  • Love Me, Love My Friends (1968)
  • Come into My Music Box (1969)
  • Crucifix in a Horseshoe (1972)
  • Starting All Over Again (2009)

Singles edit ]Edit

  • "High Time" (1966) - UK No. 4 [1]
  • I've been a bad, bad boy "(1967) - UK No. 5
  • "Thinkin 'is not for me" (1967) - UK No. 32
  • "Aquarius" (1969) - UK No. 45

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