John William Weller (Paul WellerWokingSurrey), 25 may 1958) is a British musician and singer. He was familiar with the bands The Jam and The Style Council, before starting from the early 1990s to work as a solo artist. Since then, Weller known as one of the most beloved and influential artists of Great Britain.


 [verbergen*1 Biography



Weller grew up as the son of Ann (cleaning lady) and John Weller (taxi driver, amateur boxer, construction worker); Although he has not put his parents everything wide to give him what he asks for. As a teenager he discovered The Beatles and Weller interested in the Modcultuur.

The Jam[Edit]Edit


See The Jam for the main article on this topic.

The Style Council[Edit]Edit


See main article The Style Council on this subject.

Solo Career[Edit]Edit


In his Style Council-the frantic attempts to Jam ever did period Weller-image to shake off and as a result he lost not only his fans but also themselves. In 1990, when he for the first time in thirteen years without recording contract is he returns back to his roots. He listens to the music of his youth but also to artists like Neil YoungSteve Winwoodand Van Morrison in his Traffic-period.

This "men with beards", which he detested for years, inspired him to write songs again on the acoustic guitar; the first results are from november 1990 in the small performed with the Paul Weller Movement halls (for which ex-Council drummer Steve White is taken back in service). The shortage of solo material is filled with some Jam-and Council-numbers.

In 1991 , the private management-single Into Tomorrow with the b-side the coming of Modernism That Spritual Thing. Weller is aware that no major record label will arrange itself to its conditions, but if he gets he has been touring Japan in november by spending money administered to there to record his first solo album.


Draw for the European market Weller at Go! Discs, an independent record company that gives him that artistic freedom where he is so on. But because the Distributor is Polygram he must cede a good percentage of royalties plus the rights to the catalogues of The Jam and The Style Council. On 31 August 1992 appears are self titled solo debut, on which the singles Uh-Hoh, Oh-Yeh and Above The Clouds can be found. The experimental Council-albums Cost of Loving and Confessions Of A Pop Group , however, the critics are still fresh in the memory.

Only when Weller on september 6, 1993 his second album (Wild Wood) out connect England him again in arms. He wins a Brit Award for best male artist, is back in sold out audiences, brings a live-album (Wild Wood) and is referred to by the Modfather Britpop generation to lofty. But as he on the b-side of Above The Clouds sing, Everything Has A Price To Pay; and the renewed success comes at the expense of his marriage that now also a daughter (Leah) is the author.


Preceded by the singles " Out Of The Sinking and The Changing Man brings Weller in 1995 his third solo album on which he is assisted by Steve Winwood, among others, members of the Ocean Colour Scene taken in tow and Noel Gallagher (in Exchange for cooperation on What's the Story Morning Glory? by Oasis ).

Stanley Road, named after his wrecked youth address, comes from scratch on one and continues to be a year long in the album listings. In the Netherlands are most successful plate since The Gift of The Jam. also a song You Do Something To Me is doing well. Specially for the benefit album from Warchild forms Weller with Noel Gallagher and Paul McCartney The Smokin' Mojo Filters; they take a cover version of the Beatlessong"Come Together .

On 9 June 1996 gives an open-air concert in Finsbury ParkWeller; He himself calls it "A Lazy Sunday" (to the hit by the Small Faces), but the press has another word for praise; "Modstock", to the biennial reunion concerts that Madness here during the 1990s gives. In August he scores his first, and so far only, solo top 5hit with Peacock Suit. This song is a foretaste of the in 1997 to appear successor of Stanley Road.


Heavy Soul is number 2 in the album listings, but the success of its predecessor is not matched. On top of that, and that's Go! Discs is inherited and overridden by Polygram. Weller is housed at Island to whom he must deliver two albums, starting with the hitoverzicht Modern Classics (a nod to Modernism that is released as part of a boxed set). In 1999 does Weller taxpayer and at the end of the year, partly thanks to a Wild Woodbeer advertising, again a hit.

After the album Heliocentric (2000) may Weller finally leave at Island and he signs a contract with Independiente, the new label of ex-Go! Discs-boss Andy MacDonald. He debuts with Days Of Speed, the live-report of the acoustic solo tour from 2001. New studio work appears in 2002; on Illumination works Weller no longer along with Brendan Lynch and he crawls behind the production table. It supplies him or a number 1 album onStanley Road , but is still second to none. It is decided for financial reasons to terminate the contract, whereby the oddities Fly On The Wall (2003) on Island appears.


[3]Paul Weller during a performance in Paradiso on september 13, 2008.

Weller signs with V2, the new label of ex-Virgin boss Richard Branson and takes in 2004 an album with covers on. he does so in the Amsterdam Studio 150 that also the eponym for this collection. Studio 150 does it a lot better than previous plates and delivers the single Wishing On A Star (Rose RoyceThinking Of You on. the theme number of Children in Need, the annual BBC-fundraising for underprivileged children.

In 2005 is the 10th anniversary of Stanley Road celebrated with a Deluxe reissue; later in the year As Is Now appears with which Weller according to the press finally a worthy successor for his success plate has delivered. On 5 december, the day on which Weller gives a concert in the Alexandra Palace, the single here's The Good News that a Dutch touch sticks; one of the B-sides is called Super nice Stoned.

In 2006 receives Weller a body of work award at the Brit Awards and gives a mini concert in which also A Town Called Malice comes along. As Is Now being re-released with added live recordings. These are not of the British but of the Ally Pally as a foretaste of the live album Catch Flame. Weller has always refused to Jam-, Council and solo songs on a the same collector 2005–2006, but Hit Parade is an exception to.

2007; Weller gives its participation in a Memorial concert for drummer Jim Capaldi and Traffic-State on 07-07-07 on Live Earth. With fixed guitarist Steve Craddock (also OCD) he begins a duotournee they on 14 september to the Paradiso brings. On 29 October of Wild Woodappears. The title track is by singer Gabrielle sampled for her single Why?, with the participation of the man himself.

In may 2008 the double album 22 Dreams appears and proves Weller on his fiftieth as sharp as before. In an interview with the monthly magazine MOJO he gives his frank opinions about Changing Man, the by music journalist/former childhood friend Paolo Hewitt gepende biography ("why did ie that well?"), the performances by Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler as From The Jam ("they should immediately stop that circus-act") and reunions in General ("all those bands that were previously not a chew come damn back together, only a reunion of the Roman Empire is missing still attached ").

On april 24, 2009 loses Weller his father who has been his manager for over 30 years.


In april 2010 the album Wake Up The Nation comes from; Bruce Foxton, with whom he is on speaking terms since 2006, plays a song and is a guest at two concerts.

In 2012 appears Sonik Kicks in which to hear his Krautrockinfluences. The cooperation with Foxton Gets a sequel to his second solo album.



Album with any chart positions (and)

in the Dutch Album Top 100

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Paul Weller 01-09-1992 03-10-1992 87 3
Wild wood 06-09-1993 -
Stanley Road 07-06-1995 26-08-1995 17 22
Heavy soul 23-06-1997 12-07-1997 77 5
Heliocentric 10-04-2000 -
Illumination 16-09-2002 28-09-2002 69 4
Studio 150 13-09-2004 18-09-2004 36 7
As is now 11-10-2005 29-10-2005 89 2
Catch-flame! -Live at the Alexandra Palace 2006 17-06-2006 83 2 Live Album
22 Dreams 30-05-2008 07-06-2008 30 8
Wake up the nation 16-04-2010 24-04-2010 60 4
Sonik kicks 23-03-2012 31-03-2012 60 3
Album with chart positions (and)

in the Flemish Ultratop 200 albums

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Studio 150 2004 25-09-2004 53 3
As is now 2005 29-10-2005 72 2
Catch-Flame! -Live at the Alexandra Palace 2006 01-07-2006 96 1 Live Album
22 Dreams 2008 07-06-2008 27 7
Wake up the nation 2010 24-04-2010 11 7
Sonik kicks 2012 31-03-2012 33 4


Single with any chart positions (and)

in the Dutch Top 40

Date of


Date of




Number Of


You do something to me 1995 16-09-1995 29 8 No. 21 in the Single Top 100
Wild wood 2000 27-05-2000 38 2 No. 35 in the Single Top 100
Wishing on a star 2004 - No. 97 in the Single Top 100

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number with listing (s)

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
You do something to me - - - - 707 602 768 736 906 784 658 761 817 722 707

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