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Peace Sells...What Who's Buying

Peace Sells...What Who's Buying? cover

Artist: Megadeth

Release date: July 20th, 1986

Label: Capitol Records


  1. Wake Up Dead 03:41
  2. The Conjuring 05:04
  3. Peace Sells 04:04
  4. Devil's Island 05:06
  5. Good Mourning / Black Friday 06:42
  6. Bad Omen 04:05
  7. I Ain't Superstitious (Willie Dixon cover) 02:46
  8. My Last Words 04:48

Additional notes:

  • Produced by Dave Mustaine and Randy Burns.
  • Mixed by Paul Lani.
  • Engineered by Casey McMackin and Randy Burns.
  • Recorded at The Music Grinder, L.A., CA.
  • Mixed at Can-Am Recorders, Tarzana, CA.
  • Additional recording at Track Records, Rock Steady Studios, L.A., CA and at Maddog Studios, Venice, CA, February 15, 1986 - March 20, 1986.
  • Album design and cover illustration: Edward J. Repka.
  • Cover concept: Andy Somers and Dave Mustaine.

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