The Peech Boys, also known as the New York Citi Peech Boys or NYC Peech Boys, was a band that comprised Bernard Fowler, Steven Brown, Robert Kasper, Darryl Short, Larry Levanand Michael de Benedictus.[1] The group formed at the Paradise Garage, being influenced by Larry Levan. They only released four 12" discs with "On a Journey" peaking at #56 in the 1983US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. However, they are most known for their 1981 song "Don't Make Me Wait", which was one of the early hits in the New York house/garage scene, due to Levan's playing it at the Paradise Garage.[1] "Don't Make Me Wait" was their only UK Singles Chart entry, peaking at #49 in November 1982.[2] They were signed to the West End Recordslabel, but in 1984 they split up.



  • "The Future" / "Don't Make Me Wait"
  • "Don't Make Me Wait" - 1982
  • "Life Is Something Special" - 1982
  • "On A Journey" - 1983
  • "Dance Sister (Biofeedback)" - 1983
  • "Come On, Come On" - 1984


  • Life is Something Special - 1983

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