Peggy Wood (February 9, 1892 – March 18, 1978), born Margaret Wood, was an American actress.

She was in BrooklynNew York born. She played 50 years theatre. They started in a choir and became known as singer and Broadwaystar. In the 20s and 30s, she played large roles in musicals in London and New York. By her theatre work she played in not so many movies with it, but they did have the occasional small role.

From 1949 to 1957 , she played matriarch Marta Hansen, Mama, in the popular CBStelevision series Mama, based on the film I Remember Mama. When the series stopped came so much protest that the CBS program sent back on Sunday afternoon, there was created.

Her last major role was that of mother superior in the film The Sound of Music from 1965 Oscar nomination for which she got. Wood sang not itself in the film but was dubbed by Margery McKay.

In 1969 she added to the cast of soap opera One Life to Live as Dr. Kate Nolan and she had a small role until the end of that year.

She received several awards for her theater work and was for a time President of the American National Theatre and Academy.

She married twice and was twice widowed. Her first husband, poet/writer John v. a. Weaver, died at the age of 44 to tuberculosis and her second husband, William Walling, died in 1973 after 32 years of marriage. Wood himself died in 1978 to a brain hemorrhage.

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