Artist: The Golden Repubilc

Date Released: September 21, 2004

Label: Astralwerks

Produced By:


  1. You Almost Had It
  2. Great Communication
  3. Make It
  4. Rows of People


It is very seldom that you come across a band’s debut EP that is better than half of the full lengths you listen to. The Golden Republic’s People EP does just that though, joining the ranks of other recent EPs that give you a sneak preview into the future of indie-rock including Hint Hint’s Sex is Everything EP, Dios MalosLos Arbolos EP, and PanthersLets Get Serious EP. Most resembling the latter, except not quite as sex-driven, The Golden Republic utilizes a combination of well-written pop-rock, glam, new wave and old-fashioned garage rock. The quartet from Kansas City first lay down a catchy-as-hell anthem in You Almost Had It, followed by the dance floor movin’ new wave vibe of Great Communication. Make It is more quirky pop, care of The Dandy Warhols; and the EP rounds off with the acoustic-lead chilling ballad, Rows of People. Every song is damn good, and I cannot believe this was recorded on 4-track. You may want to write this band name down because you will definitely be hearing from them again, and hopefully their full length will live up to the potential shown here though it will be tough. Mpardaiolo

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