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Pet Sematary is a soundtrack for the film Pet Sematary. Produced by Elliot Goldenthal, it was released in 1989.


 [hide*1 Background


Elliot Goldenthal's Pet Sematary record was his first mainstream movie score.[1]

Its style is sometimes compared to Jack Nitzsche's soundtrack for The Exorcist, while the theme is inspired by Lalo Schifrin's score to The Amityville Horror.

Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "The Pet Sematary" (3:00)
  2. "Dead Recollection" (1:19)
  3. "Hope and Ordeal" (1:22)
  4. "Adieu Gage" (1:22)
  5. "Rachel Against Time" (0:49)
  6. "The Return Game" (Jud and Gage) (3:42)
  7. "Moving Day Waltz" (0:30)
  8. "The Warning Tour" (1:41)
  9. "Death Do Us Part" (Rachel Hugs Louis) (0:53)
  10. "Nine Lives Minus Seven" (0:14)
  11. "Up in Flames" (Flashback) (1:38)
  12. "Bitter Loss" (Flashback) (1:51)
  13. "Rachel's Dirty Secret" (0:22)
  14. "Return Game Attack" (1:54)
  15. "Rachel's Blow Out" (0:20)
  16. "I Brought You Something Mommie" (0:34)
  17. "The Return Game II" (Louis and Gage) (2:52)
  18. "Gentle Exhuming" (1:03)
  19. "To the Micmac Grounds" (2:45)
  20. "Chorale" (0:29)
  21. "Kite and Truck" (1:22)
  22. "Immolation" (1:37)


  • Music Composed by Elliot Goldenthal
  • Album Produced by Elliot Goldenthal
  • Orchestrated by Elliot Goldenthal and Robert Elhai
  • Conducted by Steven Mercurio
  • Performed by the Orchestra of St. Luke's
  • Vocals Performed by the Zarathustra Boys Chorus
  • Recorded by Phil Bulla, Mixed by Joel Iwataki
  • Synthesizer Programming/Supervision by Mathias Gohl

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