Pete Doherty [p ʰ dɒkɜ ˈ ː iː t (ɹ) ti]? (Hexham12 March 1979) is an English musician and the frontman of the rock band Babyshambles.

Together with Carl Barât, Doherty started in the late 1990s The Libertines, which in 2002 breakthroughs with the album Up the Bracket. The second album The Libertinesfollowed two years later, but due to Doherty's drug problems the band fell apart. After this, he started his own band Babyshambles. In 2009 he released a solo album,Grace/Wastelands with "Last of the English Roses" as debut single.

Doherty is apart from musician also poet and writer. He is also frequently appeared in the media because of his drug use, in contact with the British authorities and relationship with supermodel Kate Moss.


[hide]*Youth 1


Doherty was born in Hexham, a village in the North of England. His father Peter John Doherty (of Irishbirth) was a non-commissioned officer in the British army; He served as a sergeant in the British Liaison Department. Peter John Doherty married in 1976 with Jacqueline Michels. They came from Liverpool and was partly Jewish. She worked as a nurse in the army. [2Peter SR. and had 2 daughters Jaqueline except Pete: Amy Jo and Emily. Doherty grew mainly in Shepherd's Bush,[3but by his father's course also in Liverpool, Belfasthas Doherty, Germany and CoventryLarnaca (Cyprus) lived. [4Doherty's parents raised him Catholic on.[5Doherty went to Nicholas Gerry Comprehensive School in Bedworth. His greatest hobbies in his youth were football matches of visiting Queens Park Rangers , Hancock's Half Hour ' to ' listen and poetry. Even at the age of 16 he won a poetry competition which Doherty a trip to Russia deserved.

At the age of 17 was Doherty finished his school in Bedworth. He completed his school with 11 top GCSE points and 4 A level qualifications. [3he left it to London to live with his grandmother. There he could better earths because he by his childhood was accustomed to live in large cities. [4his first job was filling graves in Willesden Cemetery. He spent most of his working hours, however, to write and read. [6Despite an offer from Oxford University (due to its high marks), he decided to study English literature at the University of London, but that he held only one year vol.[4Doherty: "I didn't understand why there were so many people on the training that were not at all interested in literature. I wanted a romantic and adventurous life. " [6]

As Doherty on a day in London with his sister Amy-Jo is, he meets Carl Barât, which by Amy-Jo were asked to Pete to fit. Barât fell into conversation with Doherty and was impressed by his poetry. Together they appeared also to have a love for music and Doherty asked Barât or he "This Charming Man" by The Smiths could play. Barât had never heard of The Smiths and played therefore mistakenly "Charmless Man" byBlur. Despite being very different music listened, clicked immediately between the two. Doherty and Barât started writing songs together. Around 1996 the two give their first acoustic gigs in London's pubs. [4together they live in an apartment.

Musical career[Edit]Edit

1997-2003: Genesis and The Libertines Up the Bracket[Edit]Edit

Doherty and Barât met John Hassall and Johnny Borrell in 1997 via Steve Bedlow, also called Scarborough called Steve. Borrell and Steve Scarborough came in a pub at Hassall. He introduced them to Doherty and Barât. Together with drummer Paul DaFour they formed the The Libertines (although Borrell would leave the band again moments later). The band met In March 2000 Banny Poostchi, a lawyer for Warner Chappell Music Publishing. She was impressed by the talent of the band and decided to manage them. However, a real deal left long in coming: signed by december there was still nothing. Dufour and Doherty to secede by the band. With Gary Powell as new drummer, the band to a recording contract and returned Hassall back as bassist. In 2002 came the debut album Up the Bracket out, which meant the breakthrough for the band. The first problems for the band with The Libertines ' first emerged just before Doherty European concert in Hamburg: he didn't show up for departure and the concert had to be cancelled. Doherty, however, was quickly found and the band could continue the round.

Around this time Doherty's drug problem began to play: he started to take heavier drugs and also posed problems with the rest of the band. When The Libertines went do some studio shots, came Doherty often too late or not at all. Doherty Later settled a gig in a House at Kings Cross, in the hope that the other band members would come naturally. Powell appeared, but only to Doherty about to pick up the recording sessions the do. Doherty held and Powell left. Doherty's friend Peter Wolfe (also known as Wolfman) was there and they played with him the evening vol. Doherty was very disappointed that Barât was not there. Another evening, as Doherty a gig on a rooftop in Whitechapel settles, Barât also comes not showing up. He is than his birthday celebration with friends, who convince him not to go. Doherty is disappointed and left with the train, itself not knowing where to go. It was the night before a new European tour, leaving again without Doherty had to be played.

Doherty left in the meantime with some messages is stirring up the Libertines-website. An official notice announced that Doherty was ill, but in reality he was in England, furious with Barât. While the tour went to Doherty in his own country, was sent to rehab. Biggest was he left the clinic already. While Barât, Hassall and Powell on the European tour with Anthony Rossomando, who were as a guitarist, Doherty decided to set up his own band: Babyshambles. He asked Steve Scarborough to sing and took some demos on. one evening, when there was actually a performance was planned, broke in at the apartment of Barât and Doherty took some stuff with it. Doherty was tried and got 6 months in prison, later reduced to 2 months. On the day of the release was to get there to Doherty, Barât against his odds. All was forgiven and there were quarrels with Hassall and Powell gave an emotional performance in Chatham , later that evening. The band members did their best to Doherty to keep off drugs, a pursuit that turned out to be unrealistic. Barât and Doherty grew once again.

2003-2005: departure from The Libertines and Babyshambles[Edit]Edit

[1][2]Doherty on Madrid's Saturday Night Fiber in 2008.

In the meantime though decided to start with the second album. Mick Jones was again prepared to produce the album. In the studio there was often security necessary to prevent Barât and Doherty were flying together in the hair. Doherty left after the album was recorded right away, without having to worry about the final production. On May 14, Doherty checked in atThe Prioryrehab. He left there ahead of schedule, but returned a few days later back again. Doherty departed on 7 June final. Doherty said that he went to Thailand to kick the habit.The four played that evening another set, which became later the last concert of the four Libertines-members together turned out to be. The Libertines Rossomando, who asked to fill in for Doherty and continued to promote the second album. Doherty hit in Thailand once again hooked: he traveled to Bangkok to find drugs to unplanned. On returning to England was Doherty arrested on suspicion of illegal gun ownership. He got 4 months in jail, a punishment that was postponed for 12 months. For the other band members was Doherty no longer welcome in The Libertines, whereby he continued his Babyshambles.

The occupation of the band was in the beginning quite variable. For the recording of the first album was decided on a lineup of Doherty, guitarist Patrick Walden, bassist Drew McConnell and drummer Adam Ficek. Made In september and October 2004 Babyshambles a tour by England. On 29 november 2004, the band released the single Kilamangiro from. Some incidents occurred at the end of 2004 for: during a gig in Blackpool was Doherty as under the influence of drugs that the band stepped off the stage. Also led a cancellation of a concert in London Astoria to riots. In 2004, Doherty a single on with his friend Wolfman (Peter Wolfe). "For Lovers" took out the seventh place on the u.k chart. Doherty also was to hear as a backing vocalist on "Down to the Underground" by Client. A year later, Doherty collaborated with the British rock band Littl'ans on the track "Their Way". Littl'ans was also as support act for to see Babyshambles. "Prangin' Out" of The Streets also included a membership fee of Doherty.

In 2005 popped the band entered the studio for the debut album, which was produced by Mick Jones (who also produced the albums by The Libertines). The album Down In Albion was released on 14 november 2005. Two singles followed: "Fuck Forever" and "Albion". In the beginning of 2006 guitarist Patrick Walden with it on the guitar itself temporarily takes over until. Doherty Mick Whitnall at the band comes. The band brings the single "Jaine Jones", a Clashcover. The proceeds from this single are meant for Strummerville, the charity of the late Joe Strummer. On 4 december 2006, the ep The Blinding out.The first track of the ep (also The Blinding) is released as a single.

2006-present: Shotter's Nation and solo work[Edit]Edit

In June 2006, Doherty that he had entered a deal with Publisher Orion Books to his journals, notes, poems and photos and back. Doherty held from 1999 all his thoughts in regulations. [7most of these texts was already available on the internet. The book, The Books Of Albion: The Collected Writings of Peter Doherty, was released on 21 June 2007. [8In the same year, got a new recording contract withParlophoneBabyshambles. Reportedly the band was allowed to release 3 albums on the label. The second album Shotter's Nation came on 1 October 2007. The band then began first to an English, and afterwards to his biggest European tour to date.

In June 2007, Doherty along with Kate Moss to see if model in an advertising campaign for Roberto Cavalli. Moss and Doherty were chosen as the face of Cavalli's autumn/winter collection 2007/2008. [9in addition to models work held Doherty is also engaged in painting. On 15 May 2007 he left his works exhibit for the first time. The 14 paintings hung in London's Bankrobber Gallery for a month. Some works consisted of a few self portraits and other were painted with Doherty's own blood. [10In april 2008, new paintings on display for a month; This time in the Chappe Gallery in Paris. Doherty called the exhibition "Art Of The Albion" and used this time except his own blood also drugs needles for his paintings. The controversy on expostitie called in the media. [11]

Doherty kept from leaving The Libertines many solo performances. On 12 July 2008 he held a show in the Royal Albert Hall, a gig that originally was planned on 26 april, but was moved because of Doherty's captivity.There were 5500 man present, which meant his greatest solo performance ever. Doherty, Babyshambles and Libertines played a series-my numbers. Wolfman was a guest, with whom he performed "For Lovers". The action ended in an invasion of fans on stage. [12On March 9, 2009, Doherty's first solo album Grace/Wastelands out. [13the first single "Last Of The English Roses" is released a week earlier. Doherty has worked on the album with Graham CoxonDot Allison and his Babyshambles band members. [14]

Doherty played concerts In the rest of 2009 to promote the album. Three concerts in Ireland were called off In november, with initial ' fatigue ' as reason. It turned out that Doherty had a cardiac arrest and a night in the hospital resided. The doctors found that this was due to his drug use, but this was denied by Doherty itself. [15In the same month he called yet another controversy by performing in Munich a pre-war version ofDas Lied der Deutschen to sing. This contained a banned text since the second world war and became by boos received by the German public. Doherty, unaware of his mistake, later offered his apologies for the incident. [16]



The Libertines were in 2002, after the release of Up the Bracket, by the English media named the latest English (music) heroes. NME named Doherty (along with Barât) in 2004 to most ' cool ' people in the music world. [17however, unlike Doherty gave little to the success of Barât The Libertines. Doherty would much rather sit in his apartment all day and write poetry. Doherty is referred to by fans appreciated for its unpredictability, but the press claims that he has an eye for looking up the publicity. Tour manager Matt Bates tells that it doesn't matter if he "at Doherty for 1 or for 10,000 man plays. The intimate shows were a place for him to come to himself. He does a show, picks up his guitar and plays outside after a second show. There are no other rock heroes who do this. " Doherty's ex-manager James Mullord Doherty describes as "the most charming and charismatic man he has ever seen", but criticizes its unpredictability: "even Alan [McGee] could do not ensure that Pete on came days before his shows. If he don't want to do something, he does it either. He has a complete free spirit. " [5]

In 2009 Blurguitarist Graham Coxon told after his collaboration on Doherty's solo album about him: "I actually think Pete as a person very much. He is very funny, warm and charming. (...) He leaves a strong impression, is rather vulnerable, trust people maybe something too fast and brings himself in unnecessary awkward situations. Unfortunately for him he pulls quite a few bad people. It is easy to think that Pete is a junkie. I'm also often been mad at him for wasting his talent. " [18]

Influences and texts[Edit]Edit

[3][4]Pete Doherty in 2007.

One of Doherty's greatest inspirations is writer Oscar Wilde. Other writers in which he is interested, are Graham GreeneCharles BaudelaireJean GenetGeorge Orwell,[1Marquis de Sade (whose work the 120 days of Sodom was a inpsiratie for the band name of The Libertines) and Thomas de Quincey. The title of the Babyshambles-number "A'Rebours" is derived from the same book, written by author Joris-Karl Huysmans. Doherty also is a fan of Tony Hancock; He and his father were once members of the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society.Doherty refers to Hancock by in the song "you're My Waterloo" ' Stone me! ' to sing. Musically speaking, The Jam, much to Doherty listened The SmithsSuede and Chas & Dave. [19]

A reference to Wilde is the song "Narcissist", where the character Dorian Gray is called. Gray is the main character of Wilde's book the picture of Dorian Gray and someone who isnarcissistic behavior manifested. Other themes in the texts of Doherty refer to drugs[20and Albion, his ideas about a mythical, perfect shape of England. This can be heard on the song "Albion", which referred to various places in England. ' Albion ' is also reflected in Doherty's other works, such as his memoirs ' Books of Albion ', in which also other influences of Doherty become clear: he attaches great importance to Romanian poetry and philosophers such as Albert Camus and Miguel de Unamuno.

Private life[Edit]Edit

Since the inception of The Libertines, Doherty has different forms of drug use. He ever gave itself addicted to crack and heroin. He was in his youth anti-drug, but in his Libertines-period tried several band members, including Doherty, heroin. Eventually, he was the only one who was addicted to the drug. Doherty: "I had never tried crack . Also I had never done heroin; I thought it was dirty and smelly. It wasn't romantic, it was horrible to see what people did. I had vowed that I would never try. " However, Doherty began; first with opium and then heroin.Doherty: "I was very unhappy. My relationship was just broken and I saw drugs as a way to prevent the dark ages. " When Doherty began with large amounts of drugs, The Libertines earned a record deal worth 60 thousand pounds. That money was immediately stung by Doherty in drugs. In his Libertines-period he sat in rehab several times. During Doherty's relationship with Kate Moss for some time he is stopped. [6]

Doherty is arrested for drug possession in the past[21], drunk driving, auto theft[22and driving with an expired driver's license. He told already in 2007 to be guilty of possession of crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis and ketamine. [21Doherty has sat in detention several times. On 7 september 2003, after robbing Barâts apartment, he was sentenced to a prison term of 6 months. [23his punishment was Later reduced to 2 months, after the judge reported that "there is not enough account has been taken of the fact that Doherty was guilty himself". The reduced sentences meant that Doherty was released almost immediately; on 8 October Doherty home. [24[25]

On 2 February 2005, Doherty was arrested after discord with filmmaker Max Carlish. Carlish was at that time a rockumentary about Doherty to making, but, at the same time sold photos to the British tabloids with a heroin-smoking Doherty shown thereon. Doherty and his friend Alan Wass were arrested for theft and blackmail. Five days later they came out on bail, after Doherty's record label Rough Trade Records paid the amount due of £ 150,000. Doherty and Wass were later acquitted due to lack of evidence. [26On april 8, 2008, Doherty was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 14 weeks, a result of a previous suspended sentence. He got that punishment because of multiple crimes like drug possession and traffic violations. After it became known that some detainees were planning an attack on Doherty, he was taken to a private area of the Wormwood Scrubs prison moved. On 6 May was the punishment of Doherty halved and he was allowed home. At the release left Doherty will be shown a certificate see where was that he met a drug test, and thus clean was during his imprisonment.

In June 2009, Doherty twice arrested by the police. On 5 June, he was arrested for drug possession in Geneva on an airplane. [27a week later, the same thing happened in Gloucester because of drink driving and dangerous driving. Doherty was also arrested on illegal drug possession. The ruling on this case will follow in december. [28[29]


Doherty got in 2003 along with Kill City-singer Lisa Moorish a son named Astile. Moorish became thereby a popular tabloid object because they already got a child with Oasissinger Liam Gallagher. [20from 2005 to 2007 Doherty had a relationship with supermodel Kate Moss. They met at the 31st birthday party of Moss and maintained since then a flasher relationship. Moss was often involved in Doherty's music: they can be heard on the song "La Belle et La Bête" from the album Down in Albion, where they "Is she more beautiful than me" sings. Moss is also responsible for some lyrics on the album Shotter's Nation. During some Babyshambles performances, she was also to see on stage. In september 2005 the couple in the news came after the Daily Mirror published photos of a cocaine-using Moss. These photos were taken during a recording session of Babyshambles. According to Doherty James Mullord these pictures had sold for over £ 150,000 (220,000 euros). By this publication, Moss lost millions of contracts with Chanel Burberry and H & M. On 11 april 2007 Doherty announced during a solo performance in Hackney Empire Moss as his fiancée. [30there were plans to get married in the summer of 2007[31], but in July it was set apart. Doherty In October had a brief relationship with model Irina Lazareanu. [32]



Album (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Album Top 100

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Up the Bracket 2002 - as The Libertines
The Libertines 28-08-2004 11-09-2004 53 3 as The Libertines
Down In Albion 14-11-2005 - as Babyshambles
Shotter's Nation 28-09-2007 - as Babyshambles
Grace/Wastelands 13-03-2009 28-03-2009 83 1
Album (s) with chart positions in

the Flemish Ultratop 200 albums

Date of


Date of




Number Of


The Libertines 2004 11-09-2004 24 6 as The Libertines
Shotter's Nation 2007 13-10-2007 45 7 as Babyshambles
Grace/Wastelands 2009 21-03-2009 7 00 h


Single (s) with chart positions

in the Flemish Ultratop 50

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Delivery 17-09-2007 13-10-2007 tip11 - as Babyshambles
Last Of The English Roses 26-01-2009 04-04-2009 40 6

Guest Appearances[Edit]Edit

  • 2004-"For Lovers" (with Wolfman)
  • 2004-"Down To The Underground" (with Client)
  • 2005-"Their Way" (Littl'ans with)
  • 2006-"Prangin' Out" (with The Streets)


  • 2007- The Books of Albion: The Collected Writings of Peter Doherty (Orion Books; ISBN 0-7528- -8591 X)

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