Founded: 2002 Headquarters: Appleton, WI, USA Website Link(s):


Cardinal US (Indie)


Indie-rock, Indie-pop, Rock, Soft Rock


Elliott Smith, Death Cab For Cutie, Cocorosie, Coldplay, A Fine Frenzy

Band MembersEdit

Peter Patrick: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Keyboard (2002-Present) Adam Birch: Lead Guitar (2005-Present) Johnny Landman: Bass (2005-Present) David Ross: Drums, Guest Strings (2006-Present) Jonah Thompson (Featured Guest): Guitar, Vocals, Piano

Former Members: Marcus Meldahl: Drum Kit(2002-2005) Elliott Snyder: Bass, Keyboard (2005) Trevor Simmons: Bass, Acoustic Drums (2005)

Includes Members ofEdit

Jonah Thompson (Solo Artist), Peter Patrick (Solo Artist, The Wind-Ups 1999-2001)

Band BiographyEdit

Midwestern singer-songwriter Peter Patrick gained credibility in early 2002 (after leaving his failed band "The Wind Ups" that year), playing solo shows at concert venues in the heartland and in more recent years promoting his studio-produced independent release "The Things You Didn't See" (recorded at KNXR Tom Jones Studios in 2006) Often accompanied by acquaintances from the local music scene, he gained notoriety for his passionate live performances, willingness to play any free show for charity fund raising events, quick-witted lyrics and haunting riffs.

In the late months of 2006, a solid line-up of musicians established themselves in repeat appearances with Patrick, later to become 'The Tones', with a strong bond between Adam Birch and Patrick at the center of the group's songwriting process. In 2007 the group agreed to co-produce a second album, entitled 'Perfect Symmetry' with Cardinal US Records, Boston. Immediately gaining popularity on college radio (after first airing on WDOM in Providence, RI) the group has developed a following among many Indie-rock fans, disillusioned by the mass produced sound of many current rock groups of the same genre. Patrick's songwriting remains more similar to the power ballads of Elliott Smith and early Britrock acts, than current 'Indie-pop' musicians.

The Tones have returned to the studio, and are currently recording an undisclosed project for release in 2008.



  • [[Album:Peter Patrick & The Tones|Perfect Symmetry (c 2007. Cardinal US)]]
  • [[Album:Peter Patrick & The Tones|The Things You Didn't See (c 2006. Independently Released)]]


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  • [[Complications (2007):Peter Patrick & The Tones|EP]]


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