Phuk Your Idea of a Mixtape
Studio album by joe DOE
Released August 28, 2010
Genre sykophunk
Label Sykophunk Productions

Phuk Your Idea of a Mixtape is a full-length digital mixtape album by joe DOE. It contains all of his mixtape tracks released on, plus previously unheard remixes of songs from Democalypse. This release was made available online for free download.

Track listingEdit

  1. Get It Right
  2. Still Ain’t No Commercial Rap
  3. Point of No Return
  4. We Be Getting It (ft. Black-Jack)
  5. Sick Shit
  6. Secret Agent of Phunk
  7. The New Breed
  8. We Go Insane (ft. Black-Jack)
  9. Get Embarrassed
  10. Fuck the Industry
  11. Suicide or Homicide
  12. Flaws/Fuck It
  13. World Keeps Turning
  14. Hellfire and Brimstone
  15. I Cannot Fit In
  16. Back to Basics
  17. The Hammer Drops
  18. Titled (Screw a Rockstar Remix)
  19. Sick Shit (Raw Remix)
  20. Battle Scars (Revisited Remix ft. Christel South)
  21. Shitting in the Lap of Luxury (Unplugged ft. TSF)

joe DOE - Phuk Your Idea of a Mixtape

External LinksEdit

  • [1] This release on Bandcamp

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