Artist: Snakefinger

Album: Chewing Hides The Sound

Appears On (Mixes): Oh, Yes, He Really Has To Suffer: The Best Of Snakefinger

Song Notes: This is one the Residents co-wrote (and co-produced and performed on, as they did with all the cuts on the first two albums), and one the Residents really seem to enjoy playing. They frequently play it live (along with "Golden Goat" and "Eva's Warning"), and even sliced-and-diced it for Our Finest Flowers (for which version they re-recorded and did a video for Icky Flix). Can't blame them, though, it IS an awesome song. The first two Snakefinger albums were basically bonus Residents albums, though the next three, while Residential in places, had a much stronger Snakefinger-identity to them. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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