Artist: Felix Figueroa & His Orchestra

Album: Forbidden Zone Soundtrack (LP only)

Appears On (Mixes): Jeff Bridges... I Don't Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem!; Hobotic Mixed CDs Volumes 1-5

Song Notes: Jeff Bridges... I Don't Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem!: This opens the first disc because of the awesome horn fanfare beginning, and just because it's one of the most important tracks. Dr. Demento used this song to open his show for a while, and it's popped up in lots of other places. The most easily available place for it now is the DVD of Forbidden Zone, which everyone should see anyway, because it is one of the best things ever. The lyrics are primarily a list of places in Los Angeles. It's very, very hard to find any information about this song, but through my research I was able to find out that Felix Figueroa was actually Freddie Martin and his Orchestra; the song itself was written by Eddie Maxwell and Jule Styne. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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