Artist: Oingo Boingo

Genre: New Wave

Appears On: Good For Your Soul

Appears On (Mixes): The Boys And Girls Are Lifting Up Their Plates

Song Notes: Since you posted the Cure's version recently, I figured I'd send off the original! If by original I mean a song that had nothing to do with it other than sharing the same title that came out a little bit before! Oingo Boingo originally recorded it for the Good For Your Soul album. And, for a long, long time, I just figured that the Cure had covered the Oingo Boingo song, but doing research for this shows that the songs are completely different. Shows me to not really listen to the Cure, huh? I assume actually one listen to the song would have shown that, but hey. I still like the Boingo one a lot, though. Good For Your Soul is a pretty good record, really. Of course, now I feel all silly, all prepared to write about how the Cure made the song a big hit, and how it showed up in ads, which was weird with such lyrics (from the Oingo Boingo one) as:

Pictures of you In that lovely white dress, oh your skin was so white
With the moon in your eyes, on that cold winter night
When your lips were so soft, that I though they would
And the sound of your breath and the way that you felt
And I said yes
And I said yes
It’s just pictures of you with a knife in your hand
With a rose in your teeth lying nude in the sand
It’s just pictures of you, standing high on a cliff
With the wind in your hair, and a smile on your lips
And your eyes were so wild, when you started to laugh
Blending in with the wind, sounded just like a scream
Why do pictures of you
Come to me when I dream
In darkness

(Not that I suppose, the Cure's lyrics are much cheerier... but, hey, it IS the Cure.)

So, just like, never mind about these notes, and just go and listen to an awesome song that has nothing to do with anything. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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