Pink Lady (ピンク・レディー Pinku Redi) is a Japanese music group consisting of Keiko Masuda (better known as Kei, born on 2 september 1957), and Mitsuyo Nemoto (better known as Mie, born on 9 March 1958).

They scored in Japan in the late ' 70s nine consecutive number 1 hits, five of which sold over one million copies. [1they were extremely popular in their homeland, and were one of the first Japanese female artists that are exhibited in mini skirts, and evocative and held on groundbreaking choreographies after. [2[3In America they are known for their short-lived variety program Pink Lady & Jeff, which was broadcast by the NBC,[2and their English-language hit Kiss in the Dark, that the 37th position won at the Billboard Hot 100 in the fall of 1979. [4this achievement makes Pink Lady is one of only two Japanese acts (the other is Kyu Sakamoto) ever in the charts of America have stood.

Pink Lady has in Japan more than 40 million albums and 25 million singles sold in four-and-a-half years time. In addition, they have approximately 35 million converted with tv appearances and product sponsorship. [2]


[hide]*1 Biography


The duo debuted in 1976, after being the Japanese program "Star Tanjou" (similar to Idols) had won, with the single "Pepper Keibu" (Inspector Pepper); written by the renowned Japanese songwriter Yu Aku. The song reached place 4 in the Oriconhitlijsten. The duo won the prestigious "best newcomer of the year Award" at the annual Japan Record Awards.

The next single, titled "s.o.s.", earned as the first of 9 consecutive singles-the number 1 position. [5five of these singles sold more than one million, of which the single "UFO" best did with more than 1.95 million copies. [6]

Because of a scandal in early 1979, turned out to be the single "Chameleon Army" their last number one hit. The sales figures in Japan then slowly started to plummet. [7they departed to America hoping to break through as an international star. An English-language disco album was recorded and released in 1979. One single was released, "Kiss in the Dark". This single won the 37th position on the Billboard Hot 100, and the 19th position in Japan. [4After they left their variety program in America not start back to Japan. In 1981 the ladies decided to stop. Both went solo, and had relatively successful careers. [7]

From 1984 the duo reunited itself from time to time. In 2010 the Group announced her comeback with a new album, photo book and tour. [8]


Top 10-singles (Japan)[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title Year/top position
1 Pepper Keibu (ペッパー警部 )

Debut single

1976 (No. 4)
2 SOS. (- ) 1976 (No. 1)
3 Carmen ' 77 (カルメン'77 ) 1977 (No. 1)
4 Nagisa no Sinbad (渚のシンドバッド) 1977 (No. 1)
5 Wanted (-) 1977 (No. 1)
6 UFO (-) 1977 (No. 1)
7 Southpaw (-) 1978 (No. 1)
8 Monster (-)' 1978 (No. 1)
9 Toumei Ningen (透明人間) 1978 (No. 1)
10 Chameleon Army (-) 1978 (No. 1)
11 Zipangu (ジパング) 1979 (No. 4)
12 Pink Typhoon (-) 1979 (No. 6)
13 Nami Nori Pirates (波乗りパイレーツ) 1979 (No. 4)

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