Giuseppe "Pino" Donaggio (Venice24 October 1941) is an Italian composer. He wrote the film music for many famous film directors such as Brian De PalmaNicolas RoegRoberto BenigniDon ManciniTerence HillTinto BrassLucio FulciMonte HellmanRuggero DeodatoMichael WinnerMichele SoaviGeorge a. RomeroJoe Dante and Dario Argento. In 2007 film music for Quentin Tarantino used Donaggio Blow Out in his film Death Proof.

Donaggio played from his tenth violin and made his debut as a soloist at the age of fourteen already on the Italian radio (with a concert of Vivaldi). In the summer of 1959ended Donaggio career in classical music when he made his debut as a singer in addition to Paul Anka . He then began to write his own songs and became one of Italy'smost successful singers/composers. In 1963, he scored his biggest hit "Io Che Non Vivo" that 80 million units worldwide went. The song was covered in the English as "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" by Elvis Presley and Dusty Springfield.

Nowadays is best known as a film composerDonaggio. His first film was Don't Look Now, the cult classic by Nicolas Roeg. Since then he has taken care of the film music for many movies. Famous is his collaboration with Director Brian De Palma, with whom he Carrie (1976), Home Movies (1979), Dressed to Kill (1980), Blow Out (1981), Body Double (1984), and Raising Cain (1992) made. In 2008, he composed the music for the Dutch film winter in wartime by Martin koolhoven to the novel of the same name by Jan Terlouw.

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