Founded: 1984

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Website Link(s): Nippop Profile




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Band BiographyEdit

A vehicle for producer Konishi Yasuharu, Pizzicato Five went through many personnel changes when it finally settled on Nomiya Maki on vocals and Konishi Yasuharu on production. They had a very slick, professional sound and a very strong visual sense, as Maki was also a model. Very delicate vocals combined with large band sounds to create a sound that was timeless; it combined elements of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s in a melange that was impossible to pin down when it was recorded. In the US, Matador released a few compilations and then their last three albums, starting with Happy End Of The World. They disbanded in 2001, Konishi Yasuharu continuing to do production work and Nomiya Maki releasing solo records which tread the line between the Pizzicato 5 sound and standard J-Pop.





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