Artist: bis

Date Released: 2001

Label: Self-Released

Produced By: bis


  1. Tell It To The Kids (Tokyo June 1997)
  2. Conspiracy A Go-Go (London January 1996)
  3. Teen-C Power (Phoenix festival July 1996)
  4. This Is Fake D.I.Y. (Leeds April 1996)
  5. Plastik People (Glasgow November 1995)
  6. Keroleen (Harlow March 1996)
  7. Everybody Thinks That They're Going To Get Theirs (Amsterdam October 1997)
  8. Monstarr (Toulouse May 1997)
  9. Poster Parent (Toulouse May 1997)
  10. Kill Yr Boyfriend (Zurich May 1997)
  11. Kandy Pop (London January 1996)
  12. Starbright Boy (Tokyo June 1997)
  13. Icky-Poo Air Raid (London January)
  14. Ninja Hi-Skool (Amsterdam October 1997)
  15. School Disco (Leeds April 1996)
  16. Sweet Shop Avengerz (Glasgow November 1997)
  17. Secret Vampires (Toulouse May 1997)
  18. X-Defect (Tokyo June 1997)
  19. Dinosaur Germs (Zurich May 1997)
  20. Public School Boy (Glasgow November 1995)
  21. Play Some Real Songs (New York City March 1997)

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