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Polyvinyl logo
Status Active
Genre(s) Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop, Electronica, Punk
Country of origin United States
Location Champaign, Illinois
Official website(s)

If Polyvinyl was personified, she would be the perfect girl. While her appearance can only be described as excessively cute, she is extremely smart underneath. She is sweet, sensible and always knows just what to say and exactly what chord to strike. While she is set in her ways and is not overly eccentric, she is also not afraid to experiment at times. Depending on the night, she'll tear up a dance floor, be the perfect partner for a midnight stroll or sit down with you and have an eye-opening conversation. She can also pull off a number of styles, whether she is going for the classic 60s look or the DIY screen-printing indie girl, she looks damn good. And without doubt, while she is friendly to almost everyone she meets, and she knows an awful lot of people, she always comes home with you at night and pertains to your needs.


Polyvinyl is really a very rare type of label, an independent entity that has managed to build a giant fan base by releasing irresistibly catchy and artistically demanding records. While they are most known for their quality indie-pop music from bands like Of Montreal, Mates of State and Saturday Looks Good to Me, they also release very forward thinking music from bands like Collections of Colonies of Bees, Aloha and Joan of Arc. In all, it is a very impressive line-up that I would dare to say, is the best in indie-rock today. In addition, they are extremely nice people. During my tenure as Music Director at WUSC-FM Columbia, they were the only label that contacted me weekly asking about not only their records, but also how I was doing and my opinion on the music. Not to mention, they were also more than happy to help with promotional material. All in all, Polyvinyl is a one-of-a-kind label that anyone looking to start one should pattern themselves after.

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Key ReleasesEdit

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