Artist: M

Album: New York London Paris Munich

Appears On (Mixes): Why Is Everybody Else Always Having Fun?: The Best Of M

Song Notes: This is M's big hit, and probably the only one of these songs you'd immediately know. It's a very good song, too, and like about 99.9% of M's stuff, it's bitterly sarcastic. And that's kind of the fun of it, really. The video is pretty great, too, spartan though it is. IIRC, there's actually a copy of DEVO's "Mongoloid" single in there. Which is pretty cool—probably a combination of M being a fan and them being on Stiff for that one, since M had some Stiff connections. Anyway, it's the Big Hit, but one of those songs that was worthy of being a big hit (though M was so good, it really shouldn't have been THE big hit for him. Merely "a" big hit.) - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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