Precious was a British girl band. The members were Louise RoseAnya LahiriSophie McDonnellKalli Clark-Sternberg and Jenny Frost.

The Group was established in late 1998 by the girl friends Sophie McDonnell and Jenny Frost. Through auditions, the other members in the group. Louise Rose would be the main singer. The ladies registered for theGreat British Song Contest with the song Say it again. They won and if so to the Eurovision Song Contest 1999 in Jerusalem. The song was a big hit at home and took out the 6th place of the charts. In Jerusalem was their declined because there they ended up 12th.

The girls worked on an album and then a year later they released a new single Rewind , which was 11th in the hit parade. At the end of 2000, the Group was disbanded and each went its own way. Sophie McDonnell was presenter for a children's show on the BBC, Anya Lahiri returned to her modeling career and later acting career. The most success was played by Jenny Frost which replaced at Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona.

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