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Guillermo Scott Herren is a man of many names, but the Prefuse 73 alias has become the most well known in recent years. The name, derived from Herren's biggest musical influence, pre-fusion jazz circa 1973, is synonomous with incredibly creative hip-hop that pushes the genre to the outer possible limits. Equal parts hip-hop, electronica and jazz, Prefuse's sound is characterized by the meticulously sequenced barrage of sounds that would be considered overwhelming if not so perfectly in step with each other. Basically, Prefuse 73 is to a song what a mosaic is to a painting. It does not matter what the original source is, be it a sample, vocals, an acoustical instrument or a sine wave; it will be sliced, chopped and manipulated into completely new, even more intriguing sounds. This method keeps Herren's music fresh because with each spin, the listener hears something different every time. Prefuse 73 is one of the most important innovators in music today.

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