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In May of 2009, three friends packed all the music gear they owned into the bed of a pick-up truck and set off for La Cygne, Kansas. When they arrived, they set up shop in the lonely rooms of a vacant country estate. There, in the bucolic isolation of their new surroundings, a deluge of musical ideas began to flood their minds. For three days and two nights, they wrote and recorded songs without distraction or creative restraint; drawing inspiration directly from their environment. The result is the powerful and surprising La Cygne EP, and the birth of Pro & Contra. Still in its nascent stage, the band’s creative maturity is already apparent. Emerging spontaneously from the soil of friendship and creativity, Pro & Contra is quickly becoming a musical force to be reckoned with.


  • James Hoskins
  • Chris Stewart
  • Dan Cogan




  • La Cygne EP (2009)


  • "Spring Song" (2010)

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