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Artist: Linkin Park

Linkin Park - Fake Album - Project Revolution- The Remixes - Front

Date Released: 2004

Label: Unknown.

Produced By: Unknown.


  1. Cure For The Itch (Hybrid Theory Version)
  2. By Myself (Marilyn Manson Remix)
  3. Mike
  4. Hit The Floor (Noise Instrumental Project)
  5. In The End (Club Remix)
  6. Giving In (With Adema)
  7. A Place For My Head (Long Down Vocal Instrumental Mix Project)
  8. My December (Down Mix Instrumental Project)
  9. Session.wav
  10. In The End (DownMix Instrumental Project)
  11. It's Going Down (With Xecutioners)
  12. One Step Closer (Cut Off Instrumental Project)
  13. Crawling (Down Beat Instrumental Project)
  14. Faint (Beat Only Instrumental Project)
  15. Papercut (Rewind Instrumental Project)
  16. In The End (Techno Remix)
  17. Kyur4 The Ich (Reanimation Version)


This is a FAKE album made by fans. It contains unofficial Remixes and collaborations with other artists.

Further readingEdit

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