Artist: Dosh

Date Released: October 11, 2004

Label: Anticon

Produced By:


  1. Simple Exercises
  2. Dark Lord of Rhodes
  3. When Things Were Looking Up
  4. Rock It to the Next Episode
  5. Bye Rhodsy
  6. I Think I'm Getting Married
  7. Bring the Happiness
  8. G Eye
  9. Naoise
  10. Pure Trash
  11. Building a Strange Child
  12. The Last Plan


Anticon’s very busy noise-maker, Dosh, drops his 3rd album (second full length) in the past two years. Martin Dosh creates an instrumental blend of electronica, hip-hop, jazz and rock similar to contemporaries like Daedelus or Koushik. The result is 12 innovative songs that contain layers upon layers of musical texture. His usual template consists of light piano melodies on top of various atmospheric sounds and noises on top of dirty back beats. Every song has a very contemplative and optimistic mood to it, yet will still make your head nod to the beat. With the help of a few of his friends on the production side, including fellow Anticon labelmates Odd Nosdam, Jel and Why? along with Andrew Broder (Fog), Mike Lewis (Fog, Happy Apple) and Bryan Olsen (Lateduster), Pure Trash, more a compilation of Dosh’s whittled down ideas and his guests’ individual inputs, is a solid and original release. This is a definite pick-up for any fans of the more experimental movement of instrumental hip-hop and other similar electronic styles. Mpardaiolo

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