Founded: 2002

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Website Link(s): Official Site




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Purty Mouth are Seattle's all-gay country band. However, it is not novelty music, and they're really good because they are a country band first, and a gay one second. They clearly love all this kind of music, and while they recognize the inherent humor in the combination of homosexuality with a traditionally conservative genre of music, it's not the only point of the band -- the main point is that these songs are really, really good. They do a healthy mix of originals and covers, and they put on a fun show.

On February 25, 2006, it was announced that co-founding members (with Graham Short) Mark Mitchell and Kurt B. Reighley were leaving the band, although Purty Mouth would continue on with three new singers. They've changed their moniker as well from "Seattle's almost all-gay country band" to "Seattle's gayest country band". (Presumably the new singers have changed the balance.)





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