Push The Button is the first single from the fourth Studio album by the SugababesTaller In More Ways. The song came out in september 2005 . In Netherlands presented the single to the 3rd position in the Dutch Top 40.


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The number[Edit]Edit

Push The Button is an uptempo number, produced by Dallas Austin. The song is co-written by Mutya BuenaKeisha Buchanan and Heidi Range itself. The lyrics of the song was written in response to a situation that band member Keisha with it has created. It's about making decisions in love and let know what you think of someone clearly finds instead of always beating around the Bush.

Video clip[Edit]Edit

The music video that accompanies the song on music channels (directed by Matthew Rolston), is considerable sexual, tinted than the previous music videos that the band made. The Sugababes dancing in an elevator in a large building. Different people pressing the elevator button ("push the button"). On each floor where the lift stops, get one of the ladies from the waiting man and goes with him seducing and dancing.


Tracklisting below is of the single was released in Netherlands. The tracklisting of the same single may be different in other countries.

Cd Single (CD1)
# Title Length
1. "Push The Button" 3: 39
2. "Favourite Song"/"Like The Weather" 3: 45/3: 46
Maxi single (CD2)
# Title Length
1. "Push The Button" 3: 39
2. "Like The Weather" 3: 46
3. "Push The Button (DJ Prom Remix)" 10: 46

In the charts[Edit]Edit

Chart Highest position
UK 1
Netherlands 3
Belgium (Flanders) 3
Denmark 6
Germany 2
Ireland 1
Italy 7
New Zealand 2
Norway 2
Austria 1
Sweden 3
Switzerland 3

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